Privacy Policy

We are committed to providing you with the weirdest gaming experience possible. But our second goal is also to make sure you feel safe doing buisness with us, after all we are serious buisness people, ya know?

We don’t collect any information from you. Our games are offline, and we don’t require you to create an account or provide any personal information, which means you can take it chilliwack.

What information might be collected by stores like PlayStation, Epic Games, or Xbox? We don’t have access to any information that might be collected by these stores. Please refer to their respective privacy policies for more information since they are not us and we can't read in their minds.

No, we don’t share any of your information with anyone except for my grandfather Guy, he knows everything we know about you, which is nothing.

Just so things are clear we’re not serious about this part, like my grandfather won't know and doesn't know anything about you, it's just a joke, ya know? Basically this whole text is just a way of saying legally that we don't collect any information about you outside of what the store you bought our game from told us, and for that part it's better to look at their privacy policy.

We take our games seriously, as you can see from this really professional privacy policy.

Thank you for choosing Kimulator’s Films, and don't worry your info is safe with us, especially since we don't collect it.

Hope you have a chilliwack day and have fun playing our games!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on any of our social media or send us an Email at :